Carrion Crown

The Haunting of Harrowstone pt. 4

Defeating the haunt of The Piper of Illmarsh took alot out of Christaph, Corbin, Lazarus, and Roach, so they returned to town to pick up the hungover dwarf Garrus and to rest for the evening. The group then gave Garrus a run down of the events that he had missed in his drunken prayers and after resting the five men returned to Harrowstone. The first level of the prison was already explored so the adventurers went back up to the second story. Everyone searched the entire upstairs for other haunts or creatures but only found bones. Roach and Lazarus disrupted the bones of Father Charleten, and so his haunt attached to the paladin. Thinking all was well on the 2nd floor the group went back down and then down farther into the dungeon of the prison. Christaph took a leap of faith and landed in the water at the bottom of an opening, and the moment a living creature entered the water it awoken horrific ectoplasmic creatures who were hungry for the flesh of the living. Luckily the rest of the group made it down into the dungeon and put the creatures to rest. Next was a huge group of skeletons that made no difference to the power that all the posses. Moving through the dungeon the adventurers found a headless skeleton guarding a lever to open a gate beyond. Corbin made short work of the lever pulling it with finesse and unmatched skill. But on the other side of the gate was something that should have stayed there, and it was not a known enemy until Garrus threw a rock into his cell. Once the rock hit the bottom The Lopper rose from his cell’s depths and started to slash and hack away at the paladin, cleric, and warrior. Once Lazaus was hit his body was taken over by the haunt of Father Charleten which he battled through will while his friends continued the bout with The Lopper. Garrus picked up the Lopper’s old axe and lopped off his head with ease. After the Lopper was finished everyone assisted Lazarus in defeating the haunt of Father Charleten. Though bloody and bruised the group of men ventured onward and into the most dangerous chamber they could have ventured into. It was the home of The Splatterman. Once inside his domain his haunt attacked the men by beginning to write their names on the wall draining their power, but the men worked through the haunt and unfortunately for them also made parts of the roof cave in on them. After his haunt was defeated The Splatterman emerged from his underground cell and showed the men his awesome arcane powers. Though his powers were great he was no match for the teamwork that the group displayed and was soon defeated.



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