Carrion Crown

Broken Moon pt. 3

The nobleman Duristan Silvio Ariesir is a man who enjoys the life of an adventurer, and has recently proclaimed himself to be a werewolf hunter. With his many channels of influence and vast family wealth, Duristan was able to “purchase” the help of nine different men from around the continent to assist him in his hunt for wolves. So with his party of ten including himself Duristan set out for Ascanor Lodge located in the Shudderwood. While on the journey Duristan’s crew fought and slain two werewolves and set a trap for another wolf, before coming to the lodge. Once there Duristan gave his men the opportunity to have a tribal tattoo to ward off the curse of lycanthropy, which Kronos was more than happy to receive. He also gave his men the chance to have a harrowing read to them witch is supposed to grant magical powers of assistance to those who participate. Only four did; Cindy (the male talkative one), Cole (human with a badass gun), Kronos (giant of a man), and Elad (bleachling gnome). The Harrowing for the four was strange due to the fact that their past’s and presents’ could not be read only their future. After the Harrowing the group went on a moon hunt after searching for a golden stag in the Shudderwood. On the moon hunt four of Duristan’s crew were brutally slaughtered, leaving him with his best luckily, Kronos, Elad, Olaf (weird looking bug man thing?), Cole, and Cindy. After the slaughter of the moon hunt the men all returned to the lodge to rest, relax, and do some research, because Duristan found out about a place called the Stairs of the Moon in the Shudderwood. Coming up with a plan to ask for help from the four strangers, Duristan prepared his crew and set out for the southern end of the temple. On the way there the crew was ambushed by a pack of Demon Wolves and Duristan suffered an injury and then vanished from battle. With the wolves dead Cole searched around for Duristan, but could not find the man. Everyone else then searched the bodies of the Demon Wolves and found a note stating that “The Packlord’s Heart was sent to Fledgrau with the necromancers.” The group then continued on their path to the Stairs of the Moon and found it completely empty, save for corpses. The adventurers then attempted to leave the temple but were stopped by a small group of men and women. The other group called themselves the King’s Wolves and thanked the men for what they had accomplished at the temple and in the woods with the Demon wolves. The King’s Wolves then talked with the group about the different clans of werewolves and the fact that the Whispering Way has half of the packlord’s heart. Rhakis (the leader of the King’s Wolves) then made a deal with the adventurers that if they can bring back the packlord heart to him then the King’s Wolves will be the packlord of the Shudderwood and will keep all werewolves in the forest under control. Having a new quarry the men then set out for the town of Feldrau.

Broken Moon pt. 1

After a long and hard day of shopping the adventurers Adrian, Christaph, Corbin, and Garrus set out for Ascanor Lodge located deep in the Shudderwood. Along the road Adrian heard some singing off in the distance and the group went to investigate. Just off the path in the thick of the forest was a run down old tower. The men got inside the tower and seen that it was covered in webbing. Corbin being the curious one had a look around and then felt compelled to venture inside of a burrow. In the burrow the creator of the webs lay in wait and stuck out at the pray she lured in. Corbin coming to his senses rushed out of the burrow and was saved by his companions from the grasps of the weaverworm. Looking around the rundown tower the men found a few bodies in the webbing and one of the corpses held a note witch no one could figure out what said. After searching through the tower the men continued their journey to Ascanor Lodge. Finally, they reached the lodge only to be barred entry by a little halfling named Belik. As Belik and the group argued a noble man walked by them and told them to join him for a hunt. The men being tired enough of one mouthy halfling, decided to join the man and go for a hunt. The man introduced himself as Duristan a werewolf hunter and that they were looking for a golden stag that the woodsman reported seeing before. Duristan hoped that the corpse of the stag would still be untouched except by the wolves that took it down. Once at the site everyone could see that the stag was there but it had been moved. After a short time tracking Corbin pointed out that the stag was taken by boars. Duristan sent his men to kill the boars and the adventurers reaped the benefits. Disappointed about the stag Duristan then asked the men to join him on a “moonhunt” which consisted of brandy at night while your men circle the camp and keep a look out for werewolves. Throughout the night Adrian, Christaph, Corbin, and Garrus drank and talked with the werewolf hunter, until screams were heard to the southeast. Investigating the scene the group came across a werewolf holding one of Duristan’s guards up by the throat and biting at his neck, while a second lay on the ground with blood pouring out of where his head should have been. The beast looked at the men and said something about a packlord heart then howled calling for more of his brethren. The howls that echoed across the Shudderwood frightened everyone into their senses except Adrian who took some talking into to get him to leave. Tired and still a bit scared the men returned to the Lodge with Duristan. While there they were approached by the halfling Belik who apologized for sending them away and that his master would like to speak with them. The men then joined the warden of the lodge Estovian in his office where he apologized for the trouble with Belik. Corbin then used his silver tongue to fire questions at the warden, putting Estovian in the hot seat. After talking to much Estovian’s paranoia got the better of him and he fired upon the halfling. Reacting quickly Christaph Time Hoped him and Garrus used his Stoneshape to trap the man. The men then pulled out as much information as they could from Estovian who gave them a stone with an evil spirit inside it called a Vilkacis that they could only destroy at the Stairs of the Moon. He also sent them to see Madam Ivanja for a Harrow reading. Christaph refused the harrow and met a man named Cilas who was a very powerful general that was looking for a friend that was supposed to be at the lodge. The others participated in the Harrowing and then prepared for their journey to the Stairs of the Moon. Before they could leave Duristan pleaded with them to take him too, that he and his group will go from behind for the flank. Coming to a consensus everyone set out for the Stairs of the Moon and Duristan broke off from the group about a mile away from the site. The adventurers then encountered two werewolves with greatswords as they approached the ancient temple of Desna. With a full moon out the men were able to beat down the wolves, but they still have The Stairs of the Moon to climb.

The Trial of the Beast pt. 5

After exploring the museum of Count Caromarc, Adrian, Christaph, Corbin, and Garrus ventured forth along cliff facings down to an iron door. Corbin attempted to make the door open, but did not have the strength to make the thing budge. In walked Garrus with an idea in his head…Stoneshape. Once, the spell was cast the door burst forth from tons of water pressing outward on the iron door. Luckily, Garrus was able to dodge the door. Letting the area drain of water the men then went onward inside what looked like, from the inside, as a live creature study chamber with four other chambers inside. Looking inside each room as good adventurers do they encountered a Black Pudding, venomous plants, and a transparent Basilisk. Finding their way through the menagerie the men then headed for the menacing looking tower with lightning rods atop. Inside the tower the group fought with a girilian golem guardian and made short work of it. Proceeding to the next level the men entered a chamber filled with webs and a little invisible homoculus, Waxwood. Being a mute homoculus Waxwood used hand gestures and after being thrown in a bag of holding he was eventually able to convey the message to Christaph and Adrian to look at notes left on the walls and on some journals. But, not before Corbin went onto the third level to have a look for himself. Corbin then seen a grossly huge creature that looked more like six different magical beast were sown together….anus to mouth. Also inside Corbin found that a man was stuck in an iron maiden. Christaph then found out about a device called Stormcaller and Bondslave Thrall, which could be found on the roof of the building. Having the knowledge to use the Stormcaller device Adrian took a crack at it first. Instantly, lightning began striking around them and Adrian could see himself in the Beast’s body. Adrian then handed over the controls to Corbin who had the Beast come to save the day. Garrus, Adrian, and Christaph met the Beast on the second level and proceeded to the third together to take down The Aberrant Promethean and save Count Caromarc from his fate. The battle then began and the Beast was the first to really get in there with the Promethean, grappling and holding each other down the fight did not last long because soon the Beast tore off the arms of his attacker and beat the abomination with them. The men and Beast then saved Caromarc from the iron maiden and he informed the adventurers that he was placed here by THE WHISPERING WAY and how they used the Bondslave Thrall to control the Beast and have it steal the Seasage Effigy. Thanking the adventurers with loads of money and Waxwood for saving not only his hide, but also that of his creation, Caromarc then offered the men more money to find out what The Whispering Way is up to. He could tell that The Whispering Way were headed through the Shudderwood and more than likely are gonna stop at Ascanor Lodge, Count Caromarc then made out invites to the lodge for the group to use as entrance to the exclusive hunting lodge. After having all the information needed from Caromarc; Adrian, Christaph, Corbin, and Garrus returned to Lepidstadt and did what every adventurer wants to do shop til your pockets are empty of gold.

The Trial of the Beast pt. 2

The end of day one of the Trial of the Beast began, and the adventurers looked forward in the case and quickly headed for the town of Hergstag, after Lazarus had a talk with the Beast and renamed him Carl. To their surprise the town was abandoned when they arrived. The men then split up into two groups; Corbin and Garrus went to the north of the town, while Christaph, Adrain, and Lazarus braved the southern path. Searching from house to house Corbin and Garrus came upon two wraith spawns and defeated them with ease, while Lazarus, Adrain, and Christaph were having trouble keeping their spawns to stick around long enough to be smitten. Delving deeper into the town the men found the chapel and discovered the graves of the victims. Only two of the six were occupied. Then adventurers then ventured up a hill were a scarecrow was and found beartraps along the way. But at top was not only a scarecrow but a small hole. Garrus thinking hey not everyone can see down there, threw out some daylight and rendered the wraith of the Penn state coach unless. Inside the hole Corbin discovered the remains of the other four children that had perished. On the way back the group decided to stop and investigate the chapel one more time. Inside they searched through books upon books and came across an account of deaths and births in the town, which lead them to a little girl’s home. Once there Corbin deduced that there was no way that the Beast could have come here and killed the little girl in her bedroom. After making their deductions the investigators headed back to Lepidstadt and got their rest for the trial the next day. The group then woke for the next day and headed to the courthouse, where they ran into The Crooked Kin putting on a performance. After enjoying the little break from stress with the Kin, the adventurers went on to court. Inside the courtroom was just like before on day one, with crowds of people heckling the Beast and those who support it. The trial then proceeded on and Lazarus and Adrain presented evidence. In total 6 more points were made during the days trial, to the disappointment of the crowd. When the trial was over for the second day the crowd gave off a great sense of hatred and anger towards the Beast and those who decided to support him. Feeling the unease Lazarus and Christaph chose to stay at the courthouse while the others went on to Sanctuary, the burned down hospice. Once there Adrain, Corbin, and Garrus fought ghasts, and then searched the rubble for more clues. They found the head of the caretaker there who died in the fire, Dr. Brada, and a lockbox with notes about a chymic works, as well as a sample vial of bleach. After searching the place top to bottom the small group returned to Lepidstadt and met up with Lazarus and Christaph at the courthouse, and just in time too, because a huge mob of people have started to gather outside the courthouse chanting loudly. “BURN THE BEAST, BURN THE BEAST, BURN THE BEAST.”

The Trial of the Beast pt. 1

Before setting out of Ravengro to Lepidstadt, Corbin, Christaph, Garrus, and Lazarus said their goodbyes to Roach who decided to stay with Kendra Lorrimor and help watch over Ravengro. The group then met up with a few folk from town that decided to venture out like the heroes of Ravengro; Jorfa and a strange alchemist. Altogether they set out on the road to Lepidstadt. On the way the trees seems to come in so close that the group could barely tell night from day and travel way difficult even on the road. Almost making their way out of the forest the adventurers came across a group of deformed people in a small traveling freakshow called The Crooked Kin. After meeting the Kin and seeing their distress Lazarus was compelled to venture forth into the dreaded forest and find the lost pinhead Aleece, with a three legged man in lead (who is very good at juggling). In the forest the men encountered a large phase spider but Garrus and Lazarus teamed up on it so it could not phase between plains again. Sadly though the group got there to late and the pinhead Aleece was dead. The men then brought back the corpse of the dead girl and decided to travel with the Crooked Kin to Lepidstadt. Once in Lepidstadt Corbin and Christaph set to finding the university to turn in the trunk of books. Inside the University to the surprise of everyone was a huge mess like a bull was let loose in a china shop mess. The men then handed over the books to Dr. Crowl and told him of Professor Lorrimor’s death. Corbin then found out where Embreth Daramid lived to return the last book and receive payment. The adventurers then met with Judge Daramid, and returned her book to her. After making a little small talk with the men Daramid decided to trust them with a task. She believes that the trial that she is judging will not be a fair one, because the thing on trial in The Beast of Lepidstadt and it has been rumored to have plagued Lepidstadt for a decade. So she wants the group to find evidence to either prove the Beast’s innocence or guilt for a sum of 2000 gold pieces, as long as no one else talks about her involvement that is. The adventurers then made their way to the Courthouse to sign up as volunteer defenders and met with the defense barrister, Barrister Gustav Kaple. After meeting Kaple and hearing the charges against the Beast: 10 murders in Morast, 6 children murdered (4 of which went missing), and arson on the hospice for the deformed and mentally retarded, the men went down to the jail and met the Beast. The huge creature was beaten and bruised and screamed and cried at the men that approached it. Christaph and the alchemist could see that the beast was a construct, a flesh golem to be exact. After a bit more talking with Barrister Kaple the group went to the place where the Beast was captured, the University of Lepidstadt. Inside all the men looked around everywhere and could see signs of where the beast had been and how the door had an alarm on it. Also Corbin took careful note of where the only missing item was kept and that one window inside the room could open easily. After investigating and interrogating witness the men rode to and through swamps to the swampers town of Morast. There they heard about how the Beast had come at night and killed and took away its victims until 10 of them rose up and run it to the Boneyard where it was attacked by a blood caiman. The witness Lazne then lead the men to the Boneyard so they could continue their investigations. There they found many clues that they could use in the trial and also ran across a pregnant manticore. The poor manticore stood no match for the team work of Corbin and Christaph who slaughtered the beast without hesitation. After investigating the area and coming up with their deductions of the clues the investigators returned to Lepidstadt and rested for the night. The next day Lazarus ,Corbin, and the alchemist took the stand and presented the evidence for the Beast of Lepidstadt. In total 7 great points where made but will it be enough to save the Beast?

The Haunting of Harrowstone pt. 5

The group of adventurers have just finished taking care of The Splatter Man, when Garrus noticed that Roach was grievously injured in the previous bout. After doing a bit a doctoring Roach left the haunted prison and returned to the Lorrimor estate. Though being down a man the rest of the men chose to continue through the dungeon area for they knew that they had one haunt left, The Mosswater Marauder. The next room they went to happened to hold the spirit of the crazed dwarf and his remains. After beating down skulls and about everyone getting bopped in the head with a hammer Garrus finished off the haunt with his positive energy. Corbin then lead the group through the rest of the prison and into what appeared to be a torture chamber with a large iron maiden, rack, and other tools of pain. Lazarus was not the first to notice the iron maiden but he was the first to approach it thus, causing the haunt of the iron maiden to awaken. It creaked open slowly and Lazarus could see his friend Roach. The paladin’s will then took hold and helped him realize that it was an illusion. After expelling the haunt the adventurers searched the area and discovered the remains of Warden Hawkren, who was tortured to death with his own instruments of power. Christaph found the warden’s keys inside on his pelvis and Garrus pulled the man’s badge from his jaw and skull. Everyone then went back to the ghost of the warden’s wife and gave her the badge and keys transferring the power to expel the ghosts and other undead entities in the prison. Thus, Corbin, Christaph, Garrus, Lazarus, and Roach saved the town of Ravengro and partied for the remainder of the thirty days.

The Haunting of Harrowstone pt. 4

Defeating the haunt of The Piper of Illmarsh took alot out of Christaph, Corbin, Lazarus, and Roach, so they returned to town to pick up the hungover dwarf Garrus and to rest for the evening. The group then gave Garrus a run down of the events that he had missed in his drunken prayers and after resting the five men returned to Harrowstone. The first level of the prison was already explored so the adventurers went back up to the second story. Everyone searched the entire upstairs for other haunts or creatures but only found bones. Roach and Lazarus disrupted the bones of Father Charleten, and so his haunt attached to the paladin. Thinking all was well on the 2nd floor the group went back down and then down farther into the dungeon of the prison. Christaph took a leap of faith and landed in the water at the bottom of an opening, and the moment a living creature entered the water it awoken horrific ectoplasmic creatures who were hungry for the flesh of the living. Luckily the rest of the group made it down into the dungeon and put the creatures to rest. Next was a huge group of skeletons that made no difference to the power that all the posses. Moving through the dungeon the adventurers found a headless skeleton guarding a lever to open a gate beyond. Corbin made short work of the lever pulling it with finesse and unmatched skill. But on the other side of the gate was something that should have stayed there, and it was not a known enemy until Garrus threw a rock into his cell. Once the rock hit the bottom The Lopper rose from his cell’s depths and started to slash and hack away at the paladin, cleric, and warrior. Once Lazaus was hit his body was taken over by the haunt of Father Charleten which he battled through will while his friends continued the bout with The Lopper. Garrus picked up the Lopper’s old axe and lopped off his head with ease. After the Lopper was finished everyone assisted Lazarus in defeating the haunt of Father Charleten. Though bloody and bruised the group of men ventured onward and into the most dangerous chamber they could have ventured into. It was the home of The Splatterman. Once inside his domain his haunt attacked the men by beginning to write their names on the wall draining their power, but the men worked through the haunt and unfortunately for them also made parts of the roof cave in on them. After his haunt was defeated The Splatterman emerged from his underground cell and showed the men his awesome arcane powers. Though his powers were great he was no match for the teamwork that the group displayed and was soon defeated.

The Haunting of Harrowstone pt. 3

After exploring most of the first floor of Harrowstone and speaking with the ghost of the warden’s wife, Christaph, Corbin, Garrus, and Roach returned to the Lorrimor estate to heal their wounds and come up with a game plan for defeating the haunts that plague Harrowstone. Garrus decided to go to the Temple of Pharasma to research haunts in general and how to stop them while everyone else goes to the town meeting. Christaph, Corbin, and Roach then returned to the Lorrimor estate without Garrus and met the other man that was supposed to be at the will reading 6 days ago. His name is Lazarus, he was met by Kendra before the others came back from their expedition and was told of the events that had been happening in Ravengro and the requests from will reading. The others then returned to the estate and informed the young paladin of the haunts and horrors of Harrowstone. After their meeting Roach put the mojo on and talked with Kendra and convinced her of a date. Lazarus explored the town and met alot of the locals until the town meeting. While Roach and Lazeris were having their fun Christaph and Corbin researched the final prisoner on Harrowstone, The Splatter Man. The clock then struck the hour of the meeting and everyone of import from town was there. Councilman Hearthmount lead the meeting off by going over the strange things that have been happening in Ravengro, from the bloody letters on the Harrowstone memorial to the undead walking the streets and stirges coming out to drink the blood of children. After the meeting was coming to a close, with the group of five men as the answer to the town’s problems, the lamps filled with oil flickered and then burst into flames. Corbin and Roach tried to direct the crowd of townsfolk to the exit while Christaph and Lazarus fought flames and flaming skulls. The men swiftly defeated the undead creatures and put out the flames saving the townhall from burning to the ground. The group then took it easy for the rest of the night, except Roach who had a perverted agenda with Kendra.
In the morning everyone decided to go out to the Restlands to find the false crypt that Professor Lorrimor mentioned in his journal. Finding the place was easy but not as easy as the lock that Corbin picked to get inside. Once inside vermin came out of barrels to attack the adventures and were quickly and quietly put down. Inside the false crypt were many items that could be used to help deal with the haunts and other undead menaces in Harrowstone. Finding such items encouraged the men to go back to Harrowstone and finish exploring the first level of the prison. Inside they found the wardens office as well as a hidden vault with five cursed items inside. After finding the items Lazarus’ anxiety got the better of him and pushed the group on and upstairs to “kill some evil”. Up on the second floor everyone could hear faint music which ended up coming from a haunt, but not just any haunt, this was the ghost of The Piper Of Illmarsh. After prayer, thrown holy water, and a little music from the paladin the haunt was suppressed. Though the haunt was no match for the group of adventurers they decided that they should not come back up to Harrowstone without the dwarf Garrus.

The Haunting of Harrowstone pt.2

Christaph and Corbin decided to start the day off with research before venturing off to the ruined prison Harrowstone. While Christaph researched the Whispering Way in the Lorrimor estate Corbin looked for information on the fifth prisoner at Harrowstone, The Splatter Man. After the research was finished Roach and Garrus gladly marched the party up to the prison, stopping only long enough to notice a posting of a town meeting on the next day at 9 pm. Once inside the gates everyone could feel the dread of this place as the prisoners must have felt once first coming to such a frightening place. Inside the prison the men faced off against haunts that either cause hot spots or cold and slam doors amongst other things. The creatures inside the prison were no match for the men but the furnace haunt nearly cremated the halfling. After seeking aid for their fallen friend the party returned to the prison and “cleaned house” of the remaining manifestations and met with a confused ghost of the Warden of the prisons wife, Vesorianna. She told the men of what had happened at the prison and how the five prisoners are taking control of her somehow after her husband’s ghost had left. Vesorianna also told the party that if they could defeat the five ghosts and find something of her husband’s that she could use as a symbol of office that she could prevent the ghost from returning and hold them captive in the prison. Exhausted and slightly injured Corbin, Christaph, Garrus, and Roach returned to the Lorrimor estate for the night. Then comes the start of day 6 in the town of Ravengro.

The Haunting of Harrowstone
Christaph, Corbin, Garrus, and Roach received a letter stating that their friend and mentor Professor Petros Lorrimor had passed on. This came as a shock to many that heard the news for he was always being saved in the nick on time. Though saddened by the lose of a friend and with a promised boon from a will reading the men set out for Ravengro. When they found their way to the town each of the men seemed to bother the towns folk with their questions of taverns. Poor Roach tried talking with 5 little girls but the giant man just frightened them and ruined the rest of the day for those poor little girls. Christaph did not have much luck either instead of scaring off children he almost started a mob and was almost sent to jail for disturbing the peace. Corbin found his way to the tavern, The Laughing Demon, and washed up in actual clean water. Garrus went for the biggest building in town and was greeted with half smiled faces of the clerics of Pharasma who pointed him in the right direction.

Everyone eventually found their way to the Lorrimor estate and paid their respects to the Professor and his daughter, Kendra. Christaph, Corbin, Garrus, and Roach then agreed to be pallbears for their mentor and took his body to The Restlands. On the way to the burial site a group of unruly towns members encountered the group heading to the funeral and attempted to run them with vulgar language and brut force. Corbin would not have any of that and when the halfling spoke the people listened and fell back to their farms duties leaving the funeral party. Some said a few words of passing for the late Professor but, the actions of Garrus were noted most among the town when he poured a forty for his fallen homie.
After the funeral everyone returned to the Lorrimor estate for the reading of Petros Lorrimor’s last will and testament. In the will the Professor asked his friends to recover tomes that he had in the home and bring them to his colleagues at the University of Lepidstadt and to bring one of them to a friend Embreth Daramid. Working together everyone unlocked the chest containing the tomes and researched them and the prison of Harrowstone. In town the people began to really worry because of strange letters appearing on the Harrowstone Memorial in blood. The first of these letters being a “V” and then an “E”. Everyone then after researching and having a frightful battle with the recently dead decided to go to the prison of Harrowstone.


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