Human Paladin


Lazarus is a shining example of perfect physical human form. He is tone and muscular with a strong jaw and deeply thoughtful brow. Impeccably dressed, perfectly polished armor. A shining beacon of order in a world of chaos.


Lazarus’s tale is one that is a mystery to him. As far as anyone can tell he is near the age of 25, though no one can say for sure, not even Lazarus. Not because he was never told, but simply because he has no knowledge of his life beyond 4 years ago. For it was then that life as he now knows it began. His earliest memory being that of awakening in a temple of Iomedae, lying face up on an altar surrounded by the sweating brows and smiling faces of four of Iomedae’s most faithful servants. The Priest Galvan Goldenwind and his daughters, twin sisters Kaylee and Kylee, both clerics of Iomedae, and last, but not least the paladin Alric Lightbringer, soon to be Lazarus’s best friend, mentor, and ultimately adopted father.

Upon awakening he was alarmed to discover that not only was he unfamiliar with his surroundings, but he was just as unfamiliar with his trappings. Lazarus had no recollection of his life before the awakening. He could not even recall his own name or what he was supposed to look like. He was Informed by Galvan that he was indeed lucky to have survived at all. When they found young Lazarus he was in the clutches of the demented and unexperianced young wizard named Vidoc Valshen practicing the dark art of necromancy.

When graves in a local cemetary began to turn up empty, an investigation was started. Soon, evidence of the dead being animated came to light. This brought the attention of an Iomedaeic order of paladins operating out of the region. Shortly thereafter a small contingent of knights, Led by Sir Alric Lightbringer, tracked Vidoc to an abandoned underground temple to put an end to his misdeeds once and for all.

Vidoc was in a deep trance, mumbling words of dark foulness, painful to the ears of any good aligned being. with his arms buried elbow deep into the abdomen of some poor soul, grasping in one hand the tormented persons beating heart, and in the other soil from the grave of a freshly buried child, In a ghastly ritual to create a new sort of zombie, one that has none of the shortcomings of all of his other creations. Vidoc had discovered that if he used live subjects instead of dead tissue, that he could create a truly magnificent undead servent, not succeptable to the ravages of the sun, holy symbols, fire, or blessed water.

Alric and his knights caught Vidoc by surprise and quickly ended his life. A brief prayer was said over the body of the young man as he lay on the altar, disemboweled with his ribcage broken, and the organs of his chest exposed to the foul and dank subterranean air. The poor wretch lay motionless, oozing blood onto the filthy, gore stained altar. Then, as the knights were gathering all of Vidocs research, in order to destroy it so that another could not pick up and continue his profane work, something miraculous happened. Somehow even though they were hundreds of feet underground, a shaft of pure white light penetrated the darkness from above, bathing the gory form which lay upon the grisly altar, illuminating him in the radiant love of Iomedae. Alric then heard cleary within his head the celestial words of his patron goddess.

“This one has suffered much at the hands of evil, in him is the potential to do great deeds both heroic and compassionate. I give him this chance to be the balance for the evil that has befallen him, and to atone for his past misdeeds. Protect him, teach him, give him the tools that he needs to mete out justice to any and all who profane life. He will not know why, but he will be filled with an overwhelming need to seek out evil and destroy it. He will be angry and confused. It is your charge Alric, to see that this righteous fury is harnessed and used as his greated weapon against the forces of darkness. His name was Mingus Armun, once a petty grave robber with a bent spine and disfigured features, I was content to let him die for his sins, until he did the unthinkable. He gave his life so that another would live. In discovering what the dispicable necromancer was about to do to a small child whom he had abducted, Mingus offered Vidoc a trade. His life (which to him was one of shame) for that of the child (who had potential to do more than he ever had for the world). Vidoc knowing that a willing person would make his expirement much more likely to succeed, accept Mingus’s offer. In light of this mans sacrifice, I have given him a clean slate, a fresh start. It is my will that from this once broken man shall arise a beacon of hope for those who are lost, and a fount of terror for those who would willing cause suffering. I have mended his crooked spine, and gifted to him a new and beautiful face, so that he will not be recognized by anyone that might have known him in his past life. Mingus Armun is dead now. From this day forward, he shall be known only as Lazarus, mortal son of Iomedae. He must never know of his past life, the guilt of it would surely crush him. You Alric, and you alone, must bear the burden of this secret. Now go to him, for he is still in mortal danger, and needs healing. The nature of this foul sanctum of evil keeps me from fully restoring him, only in my temple will my influence be sufficient enough to save him. I have done enough to keep him on the cusp between life and death, but he has only a few days before that is not enough. Take him to Galvan Goldenwind. He, alone knows what must be done.”

Lazarus awoke at the temple. They explained how they found him nearly dead at the hands of an insane and evil necromancer, but had managed to save his life, being careful not to tell Lazarus everything. The next 4 years were a struggle for young Lazarus, as he sought to control his righteous anger and focus his mind to the struggles that lay ahead. Through all of it, his friends at the temple remained with him. Encouraging him, guiding him, supporting him. The twin sisters Kaylee and Kylee became not unlike sisters to him, sharing in his laughter and his sorrows. The Priest Galvan whom Lazarus came to know as a sort of grandfather was ever a source of knowledge and wisdom, and the paladin, Alric Lightbringer, whom Lazarus has come to respect like a father. Looking upon him with respect, veneration, and love, teaching him how to wield sword and shield so that he might defend the good people of the world from things dark and diabolical. They had all become his family.

It has been 1 year since Lazarus was granted his paladinhood. 1 year since he set out into the world to spread the light of Iomedae, and help hold back the tide of evil that is ever threatening to snuff out the light of good.

One night in Lepidstadt Lazarus was encountered with several men hovering above his bed. Thinking it was his usual fantasy dream he went back to sleep, but the men then held his mouth and arms and told him “If you don’t come with us then we will kill you and everyone in this little shit-hole.” Being the goody-goody paladin that Lazarus is he complied with the bandits. They then took all of his possessions and lead him out the tavern by knife point, leaving a dagger with a note attached to it on Garrus’s door. He then continued with the bandits for a while and then turned to fight back, but the dagger the man had against his back just moved in like a hot knife through butter, making Lazarus’s attempt a failure and causing him to begin to cough up blood. Being weakened by the attack Lazarus was the bandits’ bitch (just like in his dreams) and went on to their hideout. After hours of being beaten and questioned Lazarus had a glimmer of hope as the door opened and light poured in. Three little shadows with familiar voices stepped in ad began talking fast. Before he could even think of anything to say or do a sword split through his shoulder and into his chest ending his life.


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