Carrion Crown

The Trial of the Beast pt. 5

After exploring the museum of Count Caromarc, Adrian, Christaph, Corbin, and Garrus ventured forth along cliff facings down to an iron door. Corbin attempted to make the door open, but did not have the strength to make the thing budge. In walked Garrus with an idea in his head…Stoneshape. Once, the spell was cast the door burst forth from tons of water pressing outward on the iron door. Luckily, Garrus was able to dodge the door. Letting the area drain of water the men then went onward inside what looked like, from the inside, as a live creature study chamber with four other chambers inside. Looking inside each room as good adventurers do they encountered a Black Pudding, venomous plants, and a transparent Basilisk. Finding their way through the menagerie the men then headed for the menacing looking tower with lightning rods atop. Inside the tower the group fought with a girilian golem guardian and made short work of it. Proceeding to the next level the men entered a chamber filled with webs and a little invisible homoculus, Waxwood. Being a mute homoculus Waxwood used hand gestures and after being thrown in a bag of holding he was eventually able to convey the message to Christaph and Adrian to look at notes left on the walls and on some journals. But, not before Corbin went onto the third level to have a look for himself. Corbin then seen a grossly huge creature that looked more like six different magical beast were sown together….anus to mouth. Also inside Corbin found that a man was stuck in an iron maiden. Christaph then found out about a device called Stormcaller and Bondslave Thrall, which could be found on the roof of the building. Having the knowledge to use the Stormcaller device Adrian took a crack at it first. Instantly, lightning began striking around them and Adrian could see himself in the Beast’s body. Adrian then handed over the controls to Corbin who had the Beast come to save the day. Garrus, Adrian, and Christaph met the Beast on the second level and proceeded to the third together to take down The Aberrant Promethean and save Count Caromarc from his fate. The battle then began and the Beast was the first to really get in there with the Promethean, grappling and holding each other down the fight did not last long because soon the Beast tore off the arms of his attacker and beat the abomination with them. The men and Beast then saved Caromarc from the iron maiden and he informed the adventurers that he was placed here by THE WHISPERING WAY and how they used the Bondslave Thrall to control the Beast and have it steal the Seasage Effigy. Thanking the adventurers with loads of money and Waxwood for saving not only his hide, but also that of his creation, Caromarc then offered the men more money to find out what The Whispering Way is up to. He could tell that The Whispering Way were headed through the Shudderwood and more than likely are gonna stop at Ascanor Lodge, Count Caromarc then made out invites to the lodge for the group to use as entrance to the exclusive hunting lodge. After having all the information needed from Caromarc; Adrian, Christaph, Corbin, and Garrus returned to Lepidstadt and did what every adventurer wants to do shop til your pockets are empty of gold.



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