Carrion Crown

The Trial of the Beast pt. 2

The end of day one of the Trial of the Beast began, and the adventurers looked forward in the case and quickly headed for the town of Hergstag, after Lazarus had a talk with the Beast and renamed him Carl. To their surprise the town was abandoned when they arrived. The men then split up into two groups; Corbin and Garrus went to the north of the town, while Christaph, Adrain, and Lazarus braved the southern path. Searching from house to house Corbin and Garrus came upon two wraith spawns and defeated them with ease, while Lazarus, Adrain, and Christaph were having trouble keeping their spawns to stick around long enough to be smitten. Delving deeper into the town the men found the chapel and discovered the graves of the victims. Only two of the six were occupied. Then adventurers then ventured up a hill were a scarecrow was and found beartraps along the way. But at top was not only a scarecrow but a small hole. Garrus thinking hey not everyone can see down there, threw out some daylight and rendered the wraith of the Penn state coach unless. Inside the hole Corbin discovered the remains of the other four children that had perished. On the way back the group decided to stop and investigate the chapel one more time. Inside they searched through books upon books and came across an account of deaths and births in the town, which lead them to a little girl’s home. Once there Corbin deduced that there was no way that the Beast could have come here and killed the little girl in her bedroom. After making their deductions the investigators headed back to Lepidstadt and got their rest for the trial the next day. The group then woke for the next day and headed to the courthouse, where they ran into The Crooked Kin putting on a performance. After enjoying the little break from stress with the Kin, the adventurers went on to court. Inside the courtroom was just like before on day one, with crowds of people heckling the Beast and those who support it. The trial then proceeded on and Lazarus and Adrain presented evidence. In total 6 more points were made during the days trial, to the disappointment of the crowd. When the trial was over for the second day the crowd gave off a great sense of hatred and anger towards the Beast and those who decided to support him. Feeling the unease Lazarus and Christaph chose to stay at the courthouse while the others went on to Sanctuary, the burned down hospice. Once there Adrain, Corbin, and Garrus fought ghasts, and then searched the rubble for more clues. They found the head of the caretaker there who died in the fire, Dr. Brada, and a lockbox with notes about a chymic works, as well as a sample vial of bleach. After searching the place top to bottom the small group returned to Lepidstadt and met up with Lazarus and Christaph at the courthouse, and just in time too, because a huge mob of people have started to gather outside the courthouse chanting loudly. “BURN THE BEAST, BURN THE BEAST, BURN THE BEAST.”



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