Carrion Crown

The Trial of the Beast pt. 1

Before setting out of Ravengro to Lepidstadt, Corbin, Christaph, Garrus, and Lazarus said their goodbyes to Roach who decided to stay with Kendra Lorrimor and help watch over Ravengro. The group then met up with a few folk from town that decided to venture out like the heroes of Ravengro; Jorfa and a strange alchemist. Altogether they set out on the road to Lepidstadt. On the way the trees seems to come in so close that the group could barely tell night from day and travel way difficult even on the road. Almost making their way out of the forest the adventurers came across a group of deformed people in a small traveling freakshow called The Crooked Kin. After meeting the Kin and seeing their distress Lazarus was compelled to venture forth into the dreaded forest and find the lost pinhead Aleece, with a three legged man in lead (who is very good at juggling). In the forest the men encountered a large phase spider but Garrus and Lazarus teamed up on it so it could not phase between plains again. Sadly though the group got there to late and the pinhead Aleece was dead. The men then brought back the corpse of the dead girl and decided to travel with the Crooked Kin to Lepidstadt. Once in Lepidstadt Corbin and Christaph set to finding the university to turn in the trunk of books. Inside the University to the surprise of everyone was a huge mess like a bull was let loose in a china shop mess. The men then handed over the books to Dr. Crowl and told him of Professor Lorrimor’s death. Corbin then found out where Embreth Daramid lived to return the last book and receive payment. The adventurers then met with Judge Daramid, and returned her book to her. After making a little small talk with the men Daramid decided to trust them with a task. She believes that the trial that she is judging will not be a fair one, because the thing on trial in The Beast of Lepidstadt and it has been rumored to have plagued Lepidstadt for a decade. So she wants the group to find evidence to either prove the Beast’s innocence or guilt for a sum of 2000 gold pieces, as long as no one else talks about her involvement that is. The adventurers then made their way to the Courthouse to sign up as volunteer defenders and met with the defense barrister, Barrister Gustav Kaple. After meeting Kaple and hearing the charges against the Beast: 10 murders in Morast, 6 children murdered (4 of which went missing), and arson on the hospice for the deformed and mentally retarded, the men went down to the jail and met the Beast. The huge creature was beaten and bruised and screamed and cried at the men that approached it. Christaph and the alchemist could see that the beast was a construct, a flesh golem to be exact. After a bit more talking with Barrister Kaple the group went to the place where the Beast was captured, the University of Lepidstadt. Inside all the men looked around everywhere and could see signs of where the beast had been and how the door had an alarm on it. Also Corbin took careful note of where the only missing item was kept and that one window inside the room could open easily. After investigating and interrogating witness the men rode to and through swamps to the swampers town of Morast. There they heard about how the Beast had come at night and killed and took away its victims until 10 of them rose up and run it to the Boneyard where it was attacked by a blood caiman. The witness Lazne then lead the men to the Boneyard so they could continue their investigations. There they found many clues that they could use in the trial and also ran across a pregnant manticore. The poor manticore stood no match for the team work of Corbin and Christaph who slaughtered the beast without hesitation. After investigating the area and coming up with their deductions of the clues the investigators returned to Lepidstadt and rested for the night. The next day Lazarus ,Corbin, and the alchemist took the stand and presented the evidence for the Beast of Lepidstadt. In total 7 great points where made but will it be enough to save the Beast?



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