Carrion Crown

The Haunting of Harrowstone pt.2

Christaph and Corbin decided to start the day off with research before venturing off to the ruined prison Harrowstone. While Christaph researched the Whispering Way in the Lorrimor estate Corbin looked for information on the fifth prisoner at Harrowstone, The Splatter Man. After the research was finished Roach and Garrus gladly marched the party up to the prison, stopping only long enough to notice a posting of a town meeting on the next day at 9 pm. Once inside the gates everyone could feel the dread of this place as the prisoners must have felt once first coming to such a frightening place. Inside the prison the men faced off against haunts that either cause hot spots or cold and slam doors amongst other things. The creatures inside the prison were no match for the men but the furnace haunt nearly cremated the halfling. After seeking aid for their fallen friend the party returned to the prison and “cleaned house” of the remaining manifestations and met with a confused ghost of the Warden of the prisons wife, Vesorianna. She told the men of what had happened at the prison and how the five prisoners are taking control of her somehow after her husband’s ghost had left. Vesorianna also told the party that if they could defeat the five ghosts and find something of her husband’s that she could use as a symbol of office that she could prevent the ghost from returning and hold them captive in the prison. Exhausted and slightly injured Corbin, Christaph, Garrus, and Roach returned to the Lorrimor estate for the night. Then comes the start of day 6 in the town of Ravengro.



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