Carrion Crown

The Haunting of Harrowstone pt. 5

The group of adventurers have just finished taking care of The Splatter Man, when Garrus noticed that Roach was grievously injured in the previous bout. After doing a bit a doctoring Roach left the haunted prison and returned to the Lorrimor estate. Though being down a man the rest of the men chose to continue through the dungeon area for they knew that they had one haunt left, The Mosswater Marauder. The next room they went to happened to hold the spirit of the crazed dwarf and his remains. After beating down skulls and about everyone getting bopped in the head with a hammer Garrus finished off the haunt with his positive energy. Corbin then lead the group through the rest of the prison and into what appeared to be a torture chamber with a large iron maiden, rack, and other tools of pain. Lazarus was not the first to notice the iron maiden but he was the first to approach it thus, causing the haunt of the iron maiden to awaken. It creaked open slowly and Lazarus could see his friend Roach. The paladin’s will then took hold and helped him realize that it was an illusion. After expelling the haunt the adventurers searched the area and discovered the remains of Warden Hawkren, who was tortured to death with his own instruments of power. Christaph found the warden’s keys inside on his pelvis and Garrus pulled the man’s badge from his jaw and skull. Everyone then went back to the ghost of the warden’s wife and gave her the badge and keys transferring the power to expel the ghosts and other undead entities in the prison. Thus, Corbin, Christaph, Garrus, Lazarus, and Roach saved the town of Ravengro and partied for the remainder of the thirty days.



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