Carrion Crown

The Haunting of Harrowstone pt. 3

After exploring most of the first floor of Harrowstone and speaking with the ghost of the warden’s wife, Christaph, Corbin, Garrus, and Roach returned to the Lorrimor estate to heal their wounds and come up with a game plan for defeating the haunts that plague Harrowstone. Garrus decided to go to the Temple of Pharasma to research haunts in general and how to stop them while everyone else goes to the town meeting. Christaph, Corbin, and Roach then returned to the Lorrimor estate without Garrus and met the other man that was supposed to be at the will reading 6 days ago. His name is Lazarus, he was met by Kendra before the others came back from their expedition and was told of the events that had been happening in Ravengro and the requests from will reading. The others then returned to the estate and informed the young paladin of the haunts and horrors of Harrowstone. After their meeting Roach put the mojo on and talked with Kendra and convinced her of a date. Lazarus explored the town and met alot of the locals until the town meeting. While Roach and Lazeris were having their fun Christaph and Corbin researched the final prisoner on Harrowstone, The Splatter Man. The clock then struck the hour of the meeting and everyone of import from town was there. Councilman Hearthmount lead the meeting off by going over the strange things that have been happening in Ravengro, from the bloody letters on the Harrowstone memorial to the undead walking the streets and stirges coming out to drink the blood of children. After the meeting was coming to a close, with the group of five men as the answer to the town’s problems, the lamps filled with oil flickered and then burst into flames. Corbin and Roach tried to direct the crowd of townsfolk to the exit while Christaph and Lazarus fought flames and flaming skulls. The men swiftly defeated the undead creatures and put out the flames saving the townhall from burning to the ground. The group then took it easy for the rest of the night, except Roach who had a perverted agenda with Kendra.
In the morning everyone decided to go out to the Restlands to find the false crypt that Professor Lorrimor mentioned in his journal. Finding the place was easy but not as easy as the lock that Corbin picked to get inside. Once inside vermin came out of barrels to attack the adventures and were quickly and quietly put down. Inside the false crypt were many items that could be used to help deal with the haunts and other undead menaces in Harrowstone. Finding such items encouraged the men to go back to Harrowstone and finish exploring the first level of the prison. Inside they found the wardens office as well as a hidden vault with five cursed items inside. After finding the items Lazarus’ anxiety got the better of him and pushed the group on and upstairs to “kill some evil”. Up on the second floor everyone could hear faint music which ended up coming from a haunt, but not just any haunt, this was the ghost of The Piper Of Illmarsh. After prayer, thrown holy water, and a little music from the paladin the haunt was suppressed. Though the haunt was no match for the group of adventurers they decided that they should not come back up to Harrowstone without the dwarf Garrus.



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