Carrion Crown

The Haunting of Harrowstone

Christaph, Corbin, Garrus, and Roach received a letter stating that their friend and mentor Professor Petros Lorrimor had passed on. This came as a shock to many that heard the news for he was always being saved in the nick on time. Though saddened by the lose of a friend and with a promised boon from a will reading the men set out for Ravengro. When they found their way to the town each of the men seemed to bother the towns folk with their questions of taverns. Poor Roach tried talking with 5 little girls but the giant man just frightened them and ruined the rest of the day for those poor little girls. Christaph did not have much luck either instead of scaring off children he almost started a mob and was almost sent to jail for disturbing the peace. Corbin found his way to the tavern, The Laughing Demon, and washed up in actual clean water. Garrus went for the biggest building in town and was greeted with half smiled faces of the clerics of Pharasma who pointed him in the right direction.

Everyone eventually found their way to the Lorrimor estate and paid their respects to the Professor and his daughter, Kendra. Christaph, Corbin, Garrus, and Roach then agreed to be pallbears for their mentor and took his body to The Restlands. On the way to the burial site a group of unruly towns members encountered the group heading to the funeral and attempted to run them with vulgar language and brut force. Corbin would not have any of that and when the halfling spoke the people listened and fell back to their farms duties leaving the funeral party. Some said a few words of passing for the late Professor but, the actions of Garrus were noted most among the town when he poured a forty for his fallen homie.
After the funeral everyone returned to the Lorrimor estate for the reading of Petros Lorrimor’s last will and testament. In the will the Professor asked his friends to recover tomes that he had in the home and bring them to his colleagues at the University of Lepidstadt and to bring one of them to a friend Embreth Daramid. Working together everyone unlocked the chest containing the tomes and researched them and the prison of Harrowstone. In town the people began to really worry because of strange letters appearing on the Harrowstone Memorial in blood. The first of these letters being a “V” and then an “E”. Everyone then after researching and having a frightful battle with the recently dead decided to go to the prison of Harrowstone.



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