Carrion Crown

Broken Moon pt. 3

The nobleman Duristan Silvio Ariesir is a man who enjoys the life of an adventurer, and has recently proclaimed himself to be a werewolf hunter. With his many channels of influence and vast family wealth, Duristan was able to “purchase” the help of nine different men from around the continent to assist him in his hunt for wolves. So with his party of ten including himself Duristan set out for Ascanor Lodge located in the Shudderwood. While on the journey Duristan’s crew fought and slain two werewolves and set a trap for another wolf, before coming to the lodge. Once there Duristan gave his men the opportunity to have a tribal tattoo to ward off the curse of lycanthropy, which Kronos was more than happy to receive. He also gave his men the chance to have a harrowing read to them witch is supposed to grant magical powers of assistance to those who participate. Only four did; Cindy (the male talkative one), Cole (human with a badass gun), Kronos (giant of a man), and Elad (bleachling gnome). The Harrowing for the four was strange due to the fact that their past’s and presents’ could not be read only their future. After the Harrowing the group went on a moon hunt after searching for a golden stag in the Shudderwood. On the moon hunt four of Duristan’s crew were brutally slaughtered, leaving him with his best luckily, Kronos, Elad, Olaf (weird looking bug man thing?), Cole, and Cindy. After the slaughter of the moon hunt the men all returned to the lodge to rest, relax, and do some research, because Duristan found out about a place called the Stairs of the Moon in the Shudderwood. Coming up with a plan to ask for help from the four strangers, Duristan prepared his crew and set out for the southern end of the temple. On the way there the crew was ambushed by a pack of Demon Wolves and Duristan suffered an injury and then vanished from battle. With the wolves dead Cole searched around for Duristan, but could not find the man. Everyone else then searched the bodies of the Demon Wolves and found a note stating that “The Packlord’s Heart was sent to Fledgrau with the necromancers.” The group then continued on their path to the Stairs of the Moon and found it completely empty, save for corpses. The adventurers then attempted to leave the temple but were stopped by a small group of men and women. The other group called themselves the King’s Wolves and thanked the men for what they had accomplished at the temple and in the woods with the Demon wolves. The King’s Wolves then talked with the group about the different clans of werewolves and the fact that the Whispering Way has half of the packlord’s heart. Rhakis (the leader of the King’s Wolves) then made a deal with the adventurers that if they can bring back the packlord heart to him then the King’s Wolves will be the packlord of the Shudderwood and will keep all werewolves in the forest under control. Having a new quarry the men then set out for the town of Feldrau.



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